Be the best.

“What other people think of me is none of my business.”

Eleanor Roosevelt


oh cliche.

Reach for the stars,

and see that the sky is the limit

for those who know that knowledge is power.

Can you tell that as soon as one door closes, another one opens?

Opens to a space where the grass is greener on the other side,

and reminds you to never look back.

If great minds think alike,

then maybe choose the road less traveled.

Eat your heart out,

and be the needle in the haystack.

mental download. take one.

what an interesting night. you ever have a night that takes a turn and it makes you say, “what just happened.” i often wonder how many times you’re truly allotted to fall in love. one. two. three. i mean, can’t you fall in love with your career several times over. i mean it’s not the same as loving a person, but its still a strong connection there. i think that you should at least allowed to fall in love a few times. at least until you get it right. gee at least i hope so. i’m really happy that my life is getting interesting and mean this for the matter. i have lots to look forward to lately and things to be happy about. everything happens for a reason right? so now i just need to figure out why the stars aligned the way did tonight?!