The Charlotte Business Guild

Organization: The Charlotte Business Guild

Organization Background: The Charlotte Business Guild is a network of business contacts and friendships, that encourages fellowship and support among business, professional and charitable pursuits, and provides and promotes positive role models in Charlotte’s Lesbian and Gay community.

Audience Profile: The audience of the Charlotte Business Guild’s website is mostly made up of business leaders in the Charlotte-area that identify as Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay or Transgender (LGBT) or support the LGBT community.

Many of the companies in the Charlotte-area are members of the Charlotte Business Guild.  Employees work closely with the Business Guild to take information back to other employees and leaders within their companies.

Purpose of Publication: The publication that I will be developing content for will have two primary purposes –

  1. To inform Charlotte Business Guild members of upcoming events.
  2. To provide LGBT resources to its members.

Frequency: Content will be updated monthly to provide audience members with news and event information for the following month.  Resources will be added as needed throughout the month.

Style: A brand new style guide will be created.  The style guide will allow other content creators to add information and keep a consistent format.  The style guide is also important because others Business Guild that will be creating content are probably not writers.

Information Challenges: The greatest information challenge for the Charlotte Business Guild will be having enough content to post.  Unlike organizations that run into having too much information and providing its audience with information overload, the Charlotte Business Guild may not have enough information to make timely posts.  To overcome this issue, it may be helpful to have canned posts that can be used when there is a shortage of new information to provide audience members.


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