Charlotte Business Guild Frequently Asked Question

Charlotte Business Guild Frequently Asked Question

Audience: Charlotte-area professionals interested in joining the Charlotte Business Guild.


Q. What is the Charlotte Business Guild?

A. The Charlotte Business Guild (CBG) is a network of business contacts and friendships, that encourages fellowship and support among business, professional and charitable leaders, and provides and promotes positive role models in Charlotte’s lesbian and gay community.

Q.What is the mission of the CBG?

A. Provide a diverse network of professional, business and social connections among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and straight communities.

Q. Who leads the CBG?

A. The CBG is governed by a Board of Directors.  This board is headed by CBG President Teresa Davis.

Q. Who can join the CBG?

A. Anyone can join!  The CBG membership base consists of professionals, business owners and students in the Charlotte area.

Q. When and where does the Guild meet?

The CBG usually meets on the second Wednesday of every month for a “happy hour” social. Admission is free, and the meeting place changes from month to month.

While the Guild attempts to support Charlotte’s LGBT establishments, the Guild also occasionally meets at different “gay friendly” establishments to provide members new experiences throughout the Queen City.

A current calendar of the Guild’s upcoming events can be found online.


Q. Is there a cost associated with becoming a member of the Charlotte Business Guild?

A. While most of the Charlotte Business Guild (CBG) social networking events are free, there is a membership fee charged to help support the organization.

Q. How much is the membership fee?

A. The CBG offers several types of memberships.  The fee to join is different based on the type of memberships.  The membership types and fees are as follows:

Membership Type Description Annual Rate
Student Applies to full-time students attending a four-year college, university or community college. $25.00
Individual Individual Person or Sole proprietor can join the Guild under this plan. $50.00
Partner Two individuals residing in same household. Certain Businesses may apply for this type of membership. $80.00
Senior Individuals that are age 60 and over. $40.00
Business Business membership includes special business benefits (covers up to 3 people) $200.00
Non-profit Non-profit membership includes Business Membership benefits (covers up to 2 people) $100.00

 Q. What benefits do members receive?

A. Personal membership benefits include:

  • Free admission to certain “Guild Only” events
  • The Charlotte Business Guild monthly newsletter, “The Networker.”
  • Free business listing and web link on the CBG’s Member Listings page.
  • One-half price membership in the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce.
  • Guild members also get discounts from 10-15 area businesses just for being a member. Please contact us to get the updated list of businesses offering discounts.

Business and non-profits members receive:

  • The same benefits as personal members plus these additional benefits:
  • 1/4 page ad in 12 issues of “The Networker.”
  • Business logo and link on the CBG Member Businesses webpage.
  • Preferred Expo opportunities.
  • Two minutes to speak at one CBG meeting.
  • Membership for one (single) or two (joint) individuals.

Q. How do you I join the CBG?

A.  Those interested in the joining the CBG can apply online.  Personal applications and business applications can both be completed online.  You can also contact the CBG at 704-750-5CBG (5224).

Contacting the Guild:

Q. How can I contact the Charlotte Business Guild (CBG)?

A. The CBG can be reached by phone at (704) 750-5CBG (5224) or by e-mail

The Guild is also on Facebook.

Q. I have an event that I think the members of the CBG, how can I have it posted?

A.  Feel free to fill out an online form and we will see if it fits the interests of our members.


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