The Charlotte Business Guild

Organization: The Charlotte Business Guild Organization Background: The Charlotte Business Guild is a network of business contacts and friendships, that encourages fellowship and support among business, professional and charitable pursuits, and provides and promotes positive role models in Charlotte’s Lesbian and Gay community. Audience Profile: The audience of the Charlotte Business Guild’s website is mostly … Continue reading

Change is expen…

Change is expensive, even when it’s free. Change is expensive in relearning. Change is expensive when you feel like you no longer have a choice in how you live your life. For change to be accepted, it needs to first have real value to the user. Christina Wodtke ~ Elegant Hack


Headline: Pastor shot dead mid-sermon by disgruntled ex-deacon, who turned himself into police after the horrific murder Problem: This headline is too long and uses lots of unnecessary words.  It does not allow the reader to skim to see if it is an article they should read.  Carroll suggests keeping headlines simple, and this headline is too … Continue reading

Hillsborough Street

Hillsborough Street “Raleigh’s Street” Hillsborough Street has long been a cultural and social artery running through the heart of Raleigh. Three different colleges sit along this Triangle road that stretches straight to the steps of the State Capitol. With its night life, landmarks and wide array of restaurants, Hillsborough Street is a destination for students, … Continue reading